Live and leave a priceless legacy

Let's start a World Peace, and search power somewhere new: in the common sense, will and wisdom of our kind; humanity.

A shared purpose to achieve through kindness, generosity and transparency, backed by a new human right and a resilient technology.

This is where we are demanding a World Peace effectively, obviously & (hopefully) undeniably.

Here resides our motivation deck in progress.


The fundamental right to peace and security is a universal human experience that should not be hindered by political alliances or limited to a privileged few. By acknowledging our inherent biases and taking action, we can create a world where peace naturally prevails and fosters connection, sensitivity, and diversity in this century.

Achieving world peace requires the highest level of connection, participation, and lived experience. To this end, we are developing a new protocol called Proof of Peacemaking to bring us closer to this future. Peaceful people find peaceful solutions, and we are committed to catalyzing a peaceful future starting now.

We have faith in humanity and hope that humanity will also believe in itself.

Long live humanity (and the rest).

The scope and vision is clear: bringing about the inner and external conditions to end direct and proxy conflicts between all member states of the United Nations ; while eventually reallocating and transforming the existing and potential future investments for defense to regeneration globally.

Our purpose is catalyzing the 2030 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals , aka SDGs and empower those financially and politically, toward a more prosper lives on this planet.

Let's put an end to the illusion of separation that creates a false perception of threat and fuels wars between nations. Taking inspiration from the successful examples of the United Nations and the European Union, we seek to expand the foundational spirit of the EU for peace to a global scale, ensuring peace and security for all, equally.

Unfortunately, the majority of citizens worldwide who have been impacted by historical conflicts, competition, and rivalries have had little to no direct impact or say in the process of creating and sustaining World Peace, leading to a lack of equity and legitimacy.

Let's change that. It's never too early or too late to make something inherently good happen.

    During COP26 in Glasgow, back in October-November 2021, we observed the hesitations around taking effective and nearer targets on the reduction of fossil energy resources, especially by the delegations of a few countries having large populations that were primarily impacted by the air pollution for many years.

    As those countries have been production hubs of the rest of the world, and the responsibility is a globally shared one, we have come to a conclusion:

    Global matters might better be brought into global discussion and participation, and in such a way, perhaps, as humanity, we would have higher chances to take bolder decisions, altogether, as we share responsibility and stakes of locals and remotes together.

    After all, a catastrophe happening in one part of the world is having an impact on the other parts. No place is saved, until the planet is saved.

    In all that, for years, people, with evidence and observed measurements at hand, have been trying to convince a few decision-makers via advocacy, campaigns and whatnot.

    @ this age of technology and high connectivity, expressing globally common desires and demands in the level of billions has never been tried, nor effectively done, going beyond protests and petitions.

    Consensus is what we need to solve global problems. Peace is that consensus, that needs consensus in the first place.

    The root problem here was clearly the prolonged competition and rivalry between countries and only-profit driven business models and practices.

    Then, ending that senseless competition in both financial and armament races, have revealed itself as the base consensus to collaborate and start regenerating this planet via restored trust to national and international institutions, sincerely and effectively.

    As peacemaking (especially) between the member states in the United Nations became top priority for us; weeks prior to the brutal war in Ukraine, around late January 2022, the starter of this project, demoVerse was already initiated.

    Since then, we have observed the conceptual development of a brand new World Peace theory and a new human right, as an outcome of a synthesis, for the 21st century:

    thesis: Mutually assured destruction
    anti-thesis: Mutually assured regeneration
    synthesis: Peace through/by equality and equity

It's "just" peace,
through equality and equity:
an island of sanity

A small step for each, and a big one for humanity.

Inner capacity for understanding

Inner development goals can provide valuable skills and qualities.

Try the IDG toolkit

Proactive electorship as a booster

Expressions of Demand dedicating its first use case to peacemaking.

Expressions of Demand

Progressive decentralization in peace-oriented diplomacy

Expressions of Peace

They extend the Freedom of Expression; imagined as a novel way of assuring peace and trust, altogether.

Try it out

Acknowledgements of Peace

They are at the core of decentralization of diplomacy, via platonic, bilateral & multilateral interactions.


Come, as you are

Make sure your being, ideas and perspectives are also here from this big-bang stage, to the future.

Here's your invitation to Peacemakers community:

Some of us are visible here

& some Art of Peace to listen, we've been curating for you:

Pikachu is agreeing
World gotta catch all good people too!

Together with

Gravity DAO, education and training partner around conflict prevention and management.

Orbis Protocol, an interoperable web3 social media infrastructure f or Circles of Peace for +Impact.

Crowdin is backing this project with an sourced license for our translation hub: soon going multi-language.